Warren Buffett Investment Strategy for India ? (HINDI) 9 months ago

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Warren Buffett Investment Strategy for India? is the most discussed topic. The million dollar question whether the Warren Buffett Investment Strategy can be used in the Indian scenario or not. It is important to know all the investment rules and follow holistically. However, all the investment mantras of warren buffett cannot be applied in Indian scenario. In this video, we will discuss all these points in detail

1. Warren buffett does not invest in real estate. Whereas, the first investment for most of the Indians is in real estate.
2. Commodity, Crypto Currencies, and Alternate Investment never find any place in the portfolio of warren buffett.
3. To generate wealth, it is important to take business ownership. The ace investor, earned maximum returns only from the companies where he held min 5% to 10% stake.
4. Maximum returns can be generated from high dividend companies provided they also provide decent appreciation over a period of time. Unfortunately, the Warren Buffett Investment Strategy cannot work in India as most of the high dividend paying companies are underperformers.
5. Don't invest in risky companies whose business model you don't understand.
6. Loss-making companies with bad balance sheet should be avoided.
7. Invest in companies with high market capitalization and significant competitive advantage.
8. Strong management with high brand value and leader in the respective industry/sector are important for successful implementation of Warren Buffett Investment Strategy.

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